Thursday, March 31, 2011

AMH Endorsed 4

Well, I purposefully wanted to wait a while before posting a new AMH Endorsed because I wanted as many people as possible to see the last one for Wayne's charity. I think it's been long enough though and we can safely move on to our next endorsee. :)

I met my friend Reyna about 3 years ago at a women's retreat. She was the keynote speaker and the good friend of another friend so we all rode up to our weekend destination together. During that ride I was able to really get to know her and as I listened to her teach over the next two days I saw how much knowledge she had to offer.  She has since become a major source of wisdom for me and my life and I value her insight GREATLY. She has a blog where she offers timely insights and deep truths in a short, concise and reader friendly format. She's transparent and to me that is priceless in a person, especially one gifted in pouring into the lives of others. It's impossible to teach with any degree of success if you aren't willing to draw from your own learning experiences.
She doesn't currently have very many readers for her blog and personally I think that should change. Her insights are worth reading, considering and absorbing, believe me.
Please stop by and visit her blog, simply titled
and tell her "oink" for me! :)