Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm wet mom!!

Ok, so here's the skinny....our little fluff boy is spoiled....or as my mother likes to say, NOT spoiled, only food then I guess he's just HIGHLY FAVORED! LOL.
Well he has become very accustomed to certain things we do for him and without our realizing it, when we deviate from his normal routine, he notices it.
He loves water....odd for the kind of dog he is I'm told, he's a miniature American Eskimo. Apparently however he thinks he's some sort of fish....he loves to play in the water, so much in fact that over the Summer we had to get him his own kiddie pool which he spends HOURS in and now that the warm weather is coming to an end the tub has become his new pool. When he's done however I usually dry him off with his very own towel instead of letting him rub himself all over the grass outside (He's pure white...have you ever seen a grass stained dog? It's ugly, man...) or the furniture in the house.
So this morning It's POURING outside...the neighbors are building an ARK!! I took him out for his morning tinkle and then a few minutes later we went back outside because he was ready for his BM. When we finally came back in I proceeded to finish getting ready for work. He likes to come in the bathroom with me so I didn't think anything of him sitting next to the tub as I got ready to do my hair. Finally I heard him stand up and I turned to look at him and he was standing in front of the towel rack. He looked at me then looked at the bath towel and bumped it with his nose then looked back at me. It was as if he was saying, "MOM, I'm WET..did you forget about me??" I stood there amazed for a moment at how smart he is. When I told Ben we just smiled in proud parental amazement. So I went downstairs to get his towel out of the laundry while he waited patiently in the kitchen for me, and came back upstairs to dry him off. After that he was happy and ready to go back to playing with his toys. LOL...and people wonder why we dote on the little fuzzboy.


Kate said...

Hi Fran! I was excited to find out you'd started a blog! Just wanted to let you know I added you to the blogroll on my personal blog (!

Happy weekend,


Fran Babij said...

Thanks Kate! I'll add you to mine also! :)
You have a great weekend too.