Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gollum's Song - Obama Style

I feel like I’m living within The Lord of The Rings movies…….a few small brave ones trying to stand up to a wave of evil……..and it looks hopeless. Especially after last night’s election results…... I WON’T go into a political tirade though……although I had planned to, and I would like to….but quite frankly….why bother. People will believe what they CHOOSE to believe whether it’s truth or not…and I’m tired of trying to fight it. I'm just as frustrated and burned by the direction our country has gone under a president I helped elect. Promises broken and policies so OUT THERE that he left EVERYONE in the cold....I KNOW....and I agree we need change badly. HOWEVER.....when making changes for anything whether in our personal lives or in our politics, we MUST employ deeply educated wisdom and not just follow the crowd of popularity. I didn't like either candidate.....but one was CLEARLY a better choice than the other regarding policies if you actually looked deep enough and disected the choice. Unfortunately though the American presidential race has become more like watching a season of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars....many times the best choices are voted out too soon not because they failed, but because they just weren't popular enough. Then we wonder why our country is in such turmoil.

No I’m not giving up…and no I’m not handing in my Pollyanna certificate……..I just realize that sometimes people….and nations, need to learn the hard way. Especially when they no longer value or appreciate the freedoms and great abundance they have been handed free of charge, or worse yet, when they have become so accustomed to being spoon fed that they think they are owed EVERYTHING in life and don’t have to be accountable for or earn anything. Sometimes they need to go through a season of having all those things stripped away and go through a season of pain in order to value what they have lost. Personally, I don’t….for me seeing other people’s and other nation’s mistakes is enough for me to avoid those things….but others need to try it for themselves.

**SIGH** Sooooo…..that’s where we are right now.

Of course I will pray for my nation as I always have, I will pray for my new president and his cabinet and his family as I have always prayed for those things, and I will pray for the eyes of the people to be opened before it’s too late. I have no choice…….my faith mandates that I do these things.

So in true Pollyanna form…..what is the bright side of this? What is the good that could possibly come out of this? Several things actually.

1) As a nation we have FINALLY overcome the vast racial divide that has plagued us for generations. I do NOT like Obama OR his socialistic politics, but all that aside, we are long overdue to have a president of another race and it’s good to see that goal accomplished. So that is a good thing………even if it was/is the wrong man for the job.

2) As painful as these next few years will be…..the coming roller coaster ride should be horrific and oppressive enough that the silent right will FINALLY get off their mambi-pamby wishy-washy hindquarters and TAKE A STAND! So that's a good thing...even if we will have the battle scars to prove it when the time comes.

3) Lastly……..what good will come out of this…….? The media will FINALLY get their golden child and shut up as they wallow in the slop of victory at any cost. Then as the political honeymoon comes to an end and the rose colored glasses fall away….the almighty biased and oh so ignorant media can be stuck with the political diaper changes! And that is REALLY a good a child that cries and cries to touch a pan on the stove and when they finally grab hold of it no matter how much you warned them only then do they realize it is burning them.

4) The best news out of this however? For all of the Christians reading this........God is STILL bigger than all of this........and ultimately He has our best interest at heart if we just go to Him in prayer.

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Beth said...

My motto for the next 4 years: "This, too, shall pass."