Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cyber Mom and Fruit Loops today was pretty nice and relaxing. This morning I helped bring my mom into the cyber world by setting her up with an email account, a blog and a facebook account. Why go slow? DIVE right in, I say!!! :D LOL Actually, to be honest, the only reason I set her up with an email and facebook account is BECAUSE she wanted a blog.
That was pretty fun actually. I can't wait till she really gets into the swing of things and starts emailing etc. :)
Let's after I was done with that I went shopping to pick up some fresh fruit to bring to Francesca (our 85 year old neighbor who is temporarily in a convalescent home to rehab from a broken foot). Poor thing...she's such an independent woman and this is just miserable for her. I keep telling her it's only temporary though and she will be home soon, which I know will be a blessing for her to not have to endure the horrible food at the conv any more. She's a gourmet Italian cook and I've seen the "meals" they pass out to the residents and quite's one step up from cardboard. No fresh fruit....all prepackaged frozen food, no seasonings or flavor at all....I don't blame her for not wanting to eat it.
After I got home I helped Ben write out the thank you notes for all the cards we got after Momchu died. Holy cow.....I couldn't believe how many cards we got!! So that's done...thank you Lord.....
Next I am working on a new afghan for Sprout Central. I decided to do something really bright and colorful since the kids love the bright colors. So this one is inspired by a box of Fruit Loops...literally. Bright yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and pink. I'll be working on it while the kids are napping so hopefully it will go pretty quickly. it's getting late....sleep is no more details of today's adventures....but tomorrow is a full ya never know what is on the horizon.
Night all!

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