Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ring a Ding Ding

Well….it’s been 4 days now with no power, heat, or internet. We did finally get our phone back though after my brother suggested I go foraging in the basement. We get a lot of donations from people for our street ministry and so we never know what will be in a box or a bag. It can be anything from basic clothing, bedding or house wares all the way to kids toys, books and knick-knacks. So I decided to go to the basement and look through and see if I could find an old school , plug in wall phone that we could use until we get power back. Sure enough, there was one down there. It wasn’t exactly the kind I was expecting to find though.  I thought maybe I would find a simple off-white or black plug in, or maybe even a cool retro rotary phone. Ohhhhhhh no…, not this one.  This is the Babij household after-all….and we thrive on the unique. So what does our temporary home phone look like? Well, let me describe it to you. It is a basic plug in hand held black phone…(so far so good right?)…that has been covered with fuzzy fake zebra fur….and then to add a level of class and sophistication…..trimmed out with a band of pale powder blue marabou feathers.  **What the….??????** Yep….that’s what I said…..fake zebra fur and feathers. The first thing out of Ben’s mouth when he saw it was, “Where ON EARTH did THAT come from???”
“I have no idea….I found it in the basement..”
“…in OUR basement???”   (Who’s basement did he think I had rummaged through?)
“Yep, somebody donated it…”
“It’s HIDEOUS!!!”
“Yes it is….”
“Who would DONATE that??”
“I have no idea…hopefully somebody with little kids…”
“I don’t want that thing….”
“We aren’t keeping it dear….we’re only going to use it until we get power back…”
“Good, cuz that thing’s ugly!”
The really sad part is that the price tag is still stuck n the bottom of the phone. Would you like to know how much the original owner actually PAID for this piece of hideous electronica? A shocking $39.99! That’s right; somebody felt that 40 bucks was not too high a price to pay for this tack-a-licious fashion statement!! I thought I had experienced buyers remorse before….but I can just picture the donor now…. “WHAT was I thinking…WHY did I pay so much for THIS …THIS……THING ?!?!??!?! I know, I’ll donate it to charity…that way nobody will ever have to know it came from me!!!” Sooooo…………..In the 21st century, an era filled with amazing technology that allows people from one continent to communicate to people on another continent in real time and actually see them talking, our verbal communication to the outside world has temporarily been reduced to the abilities of….not a HOME phone, but…..a “Ho Phone”. 
Life is good!


Loriwas said...

Two words for you: oil lamp :P. and nice post :)

Loriwas said...

Niiiiiice!!! Two words for you: oil lamp :P

Loriwas said...

Niiiiiice! Two words for you: oil lamp :P