Monday, January 5, 2009

Fiesta, Cuddles and Evil Aunt Mary

Oh my gosh....Praise God what ANOTHER awesome day!!! Me and the girls actually treated ourselves to a little Mexican feast for lunch today in celebration of being back at work. Yeah, yo heard me....we can't help it...we LOVE it at our little Sprout Central!! So we found a tiny hole in the wall place in downtown that was completely the point that I almost needed a translator to place the order. LOL. The food was really good though....and the portions were HUGE. I think we'll definitely be going back. Plus as Amber and I waited for them to prepare our order the waitress actually gave us free dessert that she had made herself. It was good...and a bit unique. It was a rum raisin cake with flan on top. I liked it, but poor Amber didn' I told her to wrap it in her napkin to throw out. LOL.
It was sooooooo nice to be back with the kids though....they are just such a blessing. They make us laugh and you can't help but feel like a superhero when they run to you to tie their shoe laces, fix a broken toy or hug away their fears and tears. My favorite (yes I freely admit I have a favorite), I'll call him "Tank" (because he's built like a little tank...I fully expect to see him on the NFL gridiron someday) pitiful little Tank wasn't feeling well today. His usual bubbly,smiling self with his bright eyes and million dollar smile was trying his best to be perky as usual, but he just wanted to be cuddled and this child who is always smiling at me, just wanted to cry. SIGH...I felt so poor little Amber and I took turns cuddling him and finally put him down for a nap. Thankfully he slept well and by the time he got up three hours later....he was feeling much better. YEAH!!!! :)
So anyway, after work we went and spent a couple of hours with Mike, chatting and just visiting. That was nice....I have really good brother in laws.....actually....all of my in laws are wonderful....with the exception of Aunt Mary in Manhattan...MMMMMM.....that's another story for another blog day. LOL...oh well...according to the rest of the family she doesn't like no big loss there.....LOL. was a good day....after we got home we had some errands to run so we took Sargie for a car ride and grabbed some fast food for dinner. It may not sound like much, but I am soooooo thankful for all the little details in my life....I'm soooooo blessed beyond belief. God's awesome!!!
Night all!

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