Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

OY.....so the Bear and I got home about an hour ago...eh....maybe an hour and a half by now.... Anyway, we went shopping. We both desperately needed some wardrobe updates so we went bargain hunting at a couple of our favorite stores at the mall and had a BLAST!!! We actually decided to do it again this Thursday so we can go to the other store we love. We really do have so much fun together....and as I tried on things he went to get us Starbucks Frappuccinos and joked with the sales clerks. The store was EMPTY so what started out as a simple shopping trip ended up being a fashion show as the two clerks and Benny commented on the different outfits I tried on. He's soooooo supportive and has such great taste in clothes...I enjoy taking him clothes shopping with me.....he knows exactly what my taste is and also knows just when to encourage or discourage a choice if I'm on the fence about it. I ended up actually trying and liking some things I would never have gotten normally, some fun casual clothes for work....and some spicy unmentionables......that shall remain....well.....unmentioned. LOL
So anyway.....it's snowing.....and is supposed to continue until sometime early Thursday morning...which means.....no sprout central tomorrow!!! WOO-HOO!!! Of course I love the job....but paid snow days ROCK!!! Me and the mini Marine can sleep in and then hang out all day. Maybe I can remember to actually snap some pics of him going nutso in the snow this time!!! LOL.
SPEAKING of.....I am REALLY behind in posting to my Flickr account....hmmmmm.....maybe I can do that tomorrow too.
Anyway...ok it's late and that's all the excitement from today.....

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Sarah said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! Frappuccinos are my favorite...caramel yummy! =]

Snow, how I miss the snow as well. Sounds like tomorrow will be no disappointment either, you go!