Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Watcher

Well.....this is a familiar feeling. Sitting in the living room with a storm raging outside waiting for calmer weather on the flip side. Last year it was hurricane Irene....and then Winter storm Alfred....this year it's hurricane Sandy. No power outage so far.....thank you Lord! Although the candles are out and ready and I even dug out the infamous "Ho Phone" which you can read about HERE if you missed that story. Today didn't start out all that great.......but that will be for another post.....a more somber post.

For this entry though I was actually enjoying the weather today. That sounds odd I know....who could enjoy a hurricane? Well....truthfully...not being in the direct path of danger helps. However, there's an excitement that is inherent with being close to danger.....that moth to flame syndrome. The high flying Peter Pan always seeking the next adventure. I know not everyone feels that mother for one definitely does NOT feel that way. LOL My brother's and I all seem to have inherited that danger gene however, so I'm sure we've contributed to her gray hairs over the years. My older brother has of course settled down with a family of his own now so I think his danger years are probably past him. For my younger brother and myself however..... well....let's just say mom still prays a lot. LOL. There's something thrilling and invigorating about staring danger in the face and not backing down. Maybe it's the lineage.....but I would much rather be standing near the seashore smelling the air being swirled from thousands of miles away and feeling the sting of the salt water on my face than sitting safely in my living room.

 My whole life I've been like that a little girl I remember playing with my dolls all the time.....however unlike most girls who were content dressing them up and playing tea Barbie dolls were spies climbing down knotted rope ladders from the balcony of their Dream House  on cold war espionage excursions. My Barbies didn't drive a pink convertible.....that would have been too conspicuous....they drove a jeep bronco. Perfect for all terrain escapes and plenty of room in the back to pack enough evening gowns and shoes for every situation. Love interest? Sure I had a Ken doll...but he wasn't cool enough for my role was reserved for my Indiana Jones doll! Perfect for spying since he was not only buff....but he came with his own gun and holster!

Ok so enough about cloak and dagger Barbie and foolish adventures into violent windstorms. What's the point of this post? Ehhh....there is none....just enjoy the moment you're in.....maybe find a little adventure along the way.

On a separate, yet related side note.....I want to thank Lori Byerly from The Generous Wife Blog for the honor of winning her Thanksgiving and Gratitude contest. The prize was a copy of  "Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior" by Kimberly Wagner. I look forward to reading it! Thanks Lori! Please take a moment to visit her blog. It's always a good read and so I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone.

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